Subsidy Form:

Beyond Addiction would like to support individuals in need of financial assistance.

Subsidies are granted based on financial need, and the economy of the country you live in. We seek to support and include traditionally underrepresented, marginalized, or otherwise under-served populations. We request that you honour this and only apply if you truly need the subsidy.

Please only apply for a subsidy if you:

  1. Would be unable to attend the program otherwise, due to financial constraint
  2. Are committed and capable of attending the program you are applying for
  3. Can pay the discounted rate for the course by the required date, in a single payment
  4. Note that subsidies are not transferable from one program to another, or from one person to another

When reviewing applications, we will consider the following:

  1. Your intention in attending the training.
  2. Your personal and professional background.
  3. Your current financial status.

Please note:

Notifications will be sent to the applicant about the approval of the applications.

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