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Beyond Addiction Online June 2023

Attention: Please read this criteria below before considering registration.

  1. You have had 40 consecutive days of sobriety - no recreational drugs or alcohol for a minimum of 40 days
  2. You have permanent stable housing with a fixed address
  3. You have access to a computer with high speed internet connection
  4. If you are new to recovery (6 months or less), you are working with a social worker, counsellor or psychiatrist
  5. If you are new to recovery, you are also involved in other recovery support programs
  6. You are able to commit to 100% attendance at the Beyond Addiction program as well as to a weekly online or in-person group check-in for 4 months
  7. You are ready to begin a regular daily yoga practice
If you do not meet these criteria but would like to practice Kundalini Yoga in a supportive environment, please seek out a local Kundalini Yoga class, look for weekly Beyond Addiction support Kundalini Yoga classes in your area or practice with online videos available here. You can then join one of our programs when you are ready.


Do you want to be the best version of yourself?

Join us in this 16 week program where you will be guided to connect deeply with yourself and others, cultivate healthy habits, explore the root cause of addiction, make peace with your past, gain understanding and choice in your behaviour, thrive in the present, acknowledge your strengths, and create an inspired, fulfilling future.

The online program consists of 16 theme-based modules. The expectation is that you will take 7 days to progress through each module, thus gaining an overview of the program in 16 weeks. If you wish to do the program without weekly group facilitation, you can set your own schedule.

 In each module there are:

  1. Written materials to read and absorb – the manual totals over 500 pages
  2. Yogic guidelines for recovery
  3. Dr. Gabor Maté video clips; approximately 90 of them in the full program
  4. A videotaped pranayam (breathing exercise), kriya (yoga set), and meditation which create a specific therapeutic effect to practice for each module, taught by Sat Dharam Kaur ND
  5. A detoxification and rejuvenation guide for the colon, kidneys, liver, lymph, glandular system and to balance brain neurotransmitters
  6. A weekly or 40 day home practice program
  7. An online virtual twice weekly support group
  8. Self-assessment forms and research questions to track your progress
  9. Access to an optional (for an extra fee) weekly or monthly Beyond Addiction Coach, naturopathic doctor, psychotherapist, addictions counsellor, or certified Kundalini Yoga teacher for additional support